I became interested in genealogy as a means to tell the story of In the Blood and perhaps because at the time I had no idea who my  maternal grandfather was - which is something that has always intrigued me. He was an American GI billeted in England during the second world war. A few years after the war ended he went back to America leaving a young family behind, and as far as I know no further contact was made. I traced him through his 1943 enlistment record to Los Angeles and discovered that he was born in Arkansas, but at the time I knew very little else about him. Perhaps this is also why my lead character is an American genealogist. In August 2012, following correspondence with a genealogist in Maine, New England, I learnt much more about my maternal grandfather and my wider American family and I hope to document that story on my website or blog in the future.  I’m planning at least one series of Jefferson Tayte genealogical mysteries - the second of which is called To the Grave, followed by The Last Queen of England. The fourth book in the series is called The Lost Empress, and it will be out in 2014.
I love Cornwall and it’s easy to understand why so many writers and artists have been inspired, as I have, by it’s rugged beauty. This photograph is of Rosemullion Head, where I imagined an Elizabethan manor house - home to the Fairborne family in In the Blood.
Steve Robinson - Ancestry Author

A little about me

I was born by the sea in Kent, UK, and now live just outside London. My passion for writing began when I was sixteen and had my first magazine article published, and I’ve been writing ever since. When my career in telecoms ended in redundancy, I began to write full time. In the Blood, my debut novel, was the result.

My favourite things

Music:  I like just about everything according to my mood - from Jazz to the Foo Fighters.  If I had to pick a special decade musically, it would have to be the 80s. I’m not too big on show tunes, but I know someone who is and they make me listen to one every now and then.

Reading: Because I’m always writing or editing, I listen to audiobooks much of the time to give my eyes a rest.  I like a good mystery (of course), and preferably with a pinch of crime.  I loved The Book Thief for it’s originality and just about anything well written if the premise draws me in.  I grew up on the Chronicles of Narnia and they will always be special to me.

Movies: Where to start?  I like just about anything with a good story.  My movie tastes are  as eclectic as my taste in music. I’ve watched Rebecca and Brigadoon several times so they have to rank quite high, and I can always watch The Wedding Singer for some reason.  Must be the 80s thing.  I also never tire of watching Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers.

Hobbies: Apart from writing, I like to walk (particularly by the sea or beside rivers and lakes) although I don’t carry a pole and compass and I wouldn’t know what to do with an ordnance survey map. I play golf to force myself away from my writing desk and as a means to interact with other members of the human race from time to time.  I ski when I can, mostly in the US and Canada, and I started to learn the acoustic guitar.  I’ve always loved photography and have just recently (Nov 2012) rekindled my passion with a new full-frame DSLR, which, along with regular and creative photography, I’m also putting to good use taking photos for my blog and my website.